While the world reels from the Covid-19 Pandemic, Scott & Ryan set out to transform Mika Metal Fabricating. Significant upgrades were made to the building, shop floor and office spaces to support a more progressive and innovative culture for the 21st century and beyond.

Fred J.G. Mika retires and his two sons’ step into leadership roles.

Moving to an 80,000 sq.ft. location across the street on Hamann Parkway, the company continues growing and remains there to this day.

Fabricating products for legendary Cleveland companies such as Marconi (now Philips) and Steris, Mika establishes deep connections in the medical industry.

Fred J.G. Mika’s sons join the company. Company is on the precipice of explosive growth and expansion.

One brother-in-law pursues new opportunities while another brother-in-law steps in. In addition to products for the electronics industry, the company begins producing vending machines for Dixie-Narco, well into the 1980’s.

Fred J.G. Mika becomes partners with his brother-in-law. In addition to changing the name, they move the business to Hamann Parkway in Willoughby, Ohio and become heavily involved in manufacturing complex electronic assemblies. Customers include Keithley Instruments, Elgin Electronics and Bailey Controls.

Son Fred J.G. Mika takes over the company after serving in the Air Force during the Korean War.

During WWII, the company switches focus and begins making metal ammunition boxes that go on tanks, for Cleveland Tank Company, located in the spot where the Cleveland IX Center is today.

Located in South Euclid, Ohio the company would remain at this original location for the next 28 years primarily producing custom HVAC duct work.